An Evening with Hank Shaw

Proudly presented by Trans Canada Brewing Co. & The Manitoba Wild Life Federation "An Evening With Hank Shaw" was more than your average Meet & Greet Dinner. The evening consisted of a 4 course dinner prepared by the chefs of Trans Canada Brewing Co, and an invitation to ourselves here at Crème DeL' Essence to be apart of this event. We both were given 2 courses to create our dishes. Keeping with the theme of Hank's new book "Hunt, Gather, Cook". Each course was paired with Trans Canada's craft beer.

Before guests began to eat Hank addressed the room thanking everyone for their interests in attending as well as explaining the preface of this book, some of his thought process to writing, and how he overcame some of the challenges of his new book. As the night carried on guests enjoyed each course and beer pairing with gusto. Hank being fully immersed in his guests; took the time to introduce himself to each table and spent time with everyone there. Talking not only about his book and passion, but as well as getting to know a little bit people. What brought them there that night, what experience they have in regards to hunting, angling and cooking.

The overall night was in honour of his new book, yet the type of personality and selflessness Hank has truly showed. A gentleman who truly loves what he does and has such a strong passion for it. He takes the time to go out of his way to interact with everyone present, educating people based on what he knows, learning from others as peers and to converse with everyone in one way or another. This evening to us here at Crème DeL' Essence was truly one of a kind, and we were more than happy to be apart of this event. Thank you to our friends over at Trans Canada Brewing Co for inviting us to come and cook, as well as The Manitoba Wild Life Federation for organizing this event.

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