Creme DeL' Essence


Our Doors Will Be Open One Last Time Setpember 22, 2019
We will be closing the restaurant after that date.


Known as a “Hidden Gem” for the best brunch in Winnipeg,
Creme DeL’ Essence is a small Cafe & Bistro located in North West Winnipeg. With their Filipino background and love for food and drinks, the two owners bring something new but familiar to their menu.



At Creme DeL’ Essence we strive to provide our guests with the best quality food and drinks we can. Our philosophy is that “Good Food Takes Time”. We are a small restaurant that is locally owned and operated; Meaning we take the time to prepare and cook all of our food ourselves. We aren’t backed by a big corporation, we aren’t a chain restaurant, nor are we a local restaurant group. We’re Creme DeL’ Essence. We do this for our love of food and drinks, sharing our passion with all of you.


We recommend reservations on Saturdays & Sundays. If you are a group larger than 6 we highly recommend making reservations earlier in the morning. Our kitchen is not meant to cater to large groups and may result in longer wait times.

When making reservations please keep in mind of any and all allergies, intolerances, or anything else we should know of.

modifications & alterations

In our restaurant each dish is created by our very own Chef RJ Urbano.
To most, they understand it meaning that one person made our menu, which is correct, however, it has a bigger meaning.

Each dish on our menu was created with the intent to create and achieve a balanced dish that shows flavour in different ways.
When you modify or make changes to our food you are no longer eating “Creme DeL’ Essence Food”.
We don’t know what your eating, but it isn’t what we would want or what we would call ours.
It also disrupts the flow of the kitchen, timing and quality of our food.
We understand that some people may have allergies or preferences to what they want, but in our restaurant
we do not allow any alterations or modifications on weekends. We will simply tell you to choose another item on the menu.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause for some of our guests, but this is one of our house rules.