THe Last Brunch

For those who don’t know we will be closing our doors Sunday, September 22, 2019.
We understand that many of you may be wondering why we suddenly decided to close; However this is something that we’ve been talking about and planning since last summer.
The only information that we can give you in regards to this is that for both of us (RJ & Ryan), we have bigger and better opportunities in our future.
As much as we want to tell you all of the information we simply can’t at this time due to the confidentiality of the other party involved.
At this time we please ask that you respect our privacy and decision to close Creme.

It’s been an amazing 4 years to this point. We’ve had guests from all across Manitoba, other major cities in Canada, the U.S.A and even some internationals visiting family and friends in Winnipeg. It’s humbling to know that out of all places, you chose our home. Not everyone understands what we were trying to achieve with Creme DeL’ Essence but, those who did, those who loved what we had to share through our love of food and drinks made this all possible. As much work as we put in, it only became more known and highly recommended because of all our wonderful guests we’ve met over time.

We’ve learned so much during this time of our lives. Not only about the business aspect of having a restaurant but, also learning about ourselves, what we as individuals are capable of and what our imaginations and limitations are. Aside from ourselves, we learned about our city.
The city of Winnipeg is one that people need to keep an eye out for. We’ve met so many other people that inspire us and make us want to be better and do better. A city that not only is growing, but also has such a strong support system for those they believe in. If it wasn’t for all of those wonderful customers over the years, cheering us on, telling us we can do it and that they love our food, we wouldn’t have made it to where we are.

It’s hard to write about this because there is so much we want to say, and it’s very close to our hearts that we could write a book about this but we can’t find the right words to express ourselves.
We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s stepped through our doors into our little bistro in North Winnipeg.
This is the end of Creme sadly but it’s not the end of our journeys, rather it’s another chapter that’s waiting to be written in both of our lives.

Thank you all for your constant support up until this point. We’re truly blessed and lucky to have met you all.

P.S we are trying to make a video explaining everything but, we haven’t had the time to do that because of how busy we are since majority of our customers now know.