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Crème DeL' Essence Est. 2015

Who are we?

We are a restaurant with ambition and creativity.
 We first opened in Aug of 2015 serving all day brunch and in house ice cream. Over time we transitioned away from that and moved onto creating unique restaurant in North West Winnipeg.
With our approach to making as much as we can ourselves, to where the small details and steps matter & the belief that Good Food Takes Time. Our focus has and will always remain the same; 
To create good food full of flavour and to introduce people to food from another perspective. 

Owners RJ and Ryan are far from the sidelines when it comes to Crème. As young owners we are always growing, learning, and innovating. By doing so, we have created an environment for ourselves where we have total creative freedom to express ourselves and to serve our guests with the food we want the way we intended. Our doors are always open, but remember good food takes time.

Why the location?

Many people ask us why we don't relocate to Osborne, The Exchange, Corydon or anywhere else. 
Plain and simple, we grew up and were raised in this area, attending multiple schools here as well. This is our home.
A lot of people say it makes more sense for a restaurant like us to be in a more centralized location and we don't disagree. 
However we wanted to establish something new and different than what is available in the area.
People may not understand our menu or the small steps we take with our ingredients, but we all know good food and that is what we all want. 

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