Crème DeL'Essence

Creme DeL' Essence
Tuesday May 22, 2018, Closed All Day

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We are a restaurant with ambition and creativity.   Owners RJ and Ryan are far from the sidelines when it comes to Crème. When first opening in 2015, the restaurant was a bit different than it is now. 

as young owners they are growing and learning constantly. telling our story of our journey through our food and drinks as some things change throughout the year. If you want to be apart of the journey through food, all you have to do is make a visit. our doors are always open 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why the location?

Many people ask us why we don't relocate to Osborne, The Exchange or Corydon. It's quite simple in all honesty. We grew up here & we went to school in the area.
Yes, it makes more sense for a restaurant like us to be in a more centralized location, but we wanted to establish something new to offer people in this area. People may not understand our menu or the small steps we take with our ingredients, but we all know good food and that is what we have.


Are you a Filipino restaurant?

No we are not. While we may be Filipino business owners, we do not advertise or market that we are a Filipino restaurant. We have had Filipino Inspired Pop Up dinners in the past, but on our regular menu we do not serve Filipino food.